Thank You from Montalbano Farms

It’s time for goodbye.

This season was the last year for growing vegetables at Montalbano Farms. We simply cannot hold on any longer. For 10 years, every day and every night, Christina and I worked so hard and hoped so fervently that our farm would make it. Each and every season, our crew and ourselves and our families gave it all and yet most every season we came up short.

Of course there were days when I could have done better. And just as surely, we did something special out here. Our award-winning farm consistently grew and delivered the finest produce. We set high standards for our certified organic farm and remain one of very few farms in Illinois to meet the highest food safety standards. Our work was guided by a desire to grow healthy and delicious vegetables alongside a shared responsibility to protect and build our natural resources.

It was all worth it. We believe in organic farming. We made incredible friends. We hooked kids on all sorts of crazy vegetables. We donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of quality, organic produce to food pantries across Chicagoland. We did right by our community and we remain stewards on over 100 acres of certified organic land. There is much work still to do. For us, we look forward to the next phase of our farm and maintaining our organic land. For our families, know that many organic farms are struggling and they need your support more than ever.

Whether it was Charlie looking for our salad mix, Clara munching on purple peppers or Jonathan and Margaret looking for rainbow carrots, our families inspired us. They revealed the impact of small decisions over a lifetime. When our families were looking for food grown the right way – a way that preserves nutrition, prioritizes freshness and saves heirloom varietals – we were there. Our community needed us and we worked so very hard to earn your trust.

Christina and I are truly blessed to have spent our farming careers growing amazing produce for the best city in the world. Every year, our families honored the work we did and supported our farm and our crew and our community. You have opened your hearts to us, encouraged us, and shared your enthusiasm with us. These are precious gifts that we will carry our entire lives. Organic farming was an incredibly challenging and empowering experience. It brought us together and we remain forever grateful to each of you.

Thank you for believing in us.