For Sale

Certified organic farm equipment for sale. Text Rob at (630) 882-8008 for more information. This list was last updated in November.

Greenhouses. More Information here.

Two-Row Mechanical Transplanter 6-cup, 4 bay carousel-style seedling planter with 2 – 55 gallon liquid fertilizer/water drums. Includes various hard plastic trays. 10000

EZY Tilt Mini Pallet Truck. Heavy duty construction. Model 4727A. Ergonomic pallet truck with trays. 300

6x6x7 Cooler. Great, pest free storage of onions, garlic, winter squash and more. Compressor is bad but can be repaired or fitted with a combination Coolbot/air conditioner. 1500

10x40x7 Cooler. Nice, 10′ tall Barr cooler used for cold vegetable storage and industrial hemp processing. The cooler comes with 1 Coolbot controller and 1 220V air conditioner with stand for a temperature controlled climate. 8000


Seedling starting Shelves with lights, timers and heat mats. Grow shelves to accomodate thousands of seed starts. Good condition. There are 2 shelving units available. 475 each


Johnny’s Selected Seeds 6-row Seeder 375

New Idea Manure Spreader. Nice antique with some welds. Needs one new tire. 1150


Custom built 60″ undercutter for root crops. Built by Roeters of Michigan. 1700