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Prairie Restoration Project

We are working hard to restore native prairie to northern Illinois!

In cooperation with the talented and knowledgeable folks from our local Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Farm Service Agency, and Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, we seeded 73 acres of our farm in native grasses and colorful forbs (flowering, native and herbaceous plants). As these wild plants take root and grow over the next decade, we will manage the land to benefit a wide range of animal, plant and fungal species. In addition, conservation lands help prevent erosion of our unique and valuable soils and improve water quality in Illinois.

Summer, 2020
(photo courtesy of Nathan Dettman)

As the prairie grows, insect and mammals create habitat that nourishes and protects their vulnerable populations. We maintain the prairies wild condition by isolation and visitors are absolutely restricted from plant and animal restoration species and their natural environment.

Montalbano Farms is proud to take a leading role by restoring this prairie using only certified organic methods. It is hard work and requires skill, dedication and patience. Montalbano Farms strives to be an excellent steward of the land and we go all out to create beautiful, chemical free and wild habitat for native Illinois species.