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August 27, 2014

Farmer Rob! We want to know what’s coming up in the harvest!

Sure, just let me consult my Magic 8-ball for one moment. Here comes the answer….it depends on the weather.

In the grocery store, every thing is in season all of the time. It’s a magical place where bananas and tomatoes are always available and the harvest season has neither a beginning nor an end. It’s La-LA land.

Nonetheless, there are some nuggets that I can (kinda) promise about the harvest.

First, this is our most bountiful season. After a cool summer, the crops are finally coming in. If you’ve been looking for variety, this is the time of year. We have over a dozen heirloom tomatoes, Ark of Taste peppers, hardy greens, carrots, three types of beets, 3 types of summer squash, cucumbers, & onions galore. These will last until the first frost of the season, usually the first week of October and then, suddenly, they are completely gone.

Second, in about a month, our fall crops will start maturing. Yes, it will be fall soon, folks. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, radishes, lettuce, and sweet potatoes will appear. Depending on the date of the first frost, these crops should last into the first week of October.

Finally, into October and until the CSA ends in mid-November, we have crops that can survive a light frost, storage crops, and crops from our greenhouses. Think typical fall plants and that’s how we close out the season.

We hope that you enjoy your produce this week!