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February 23, 2015

Our worker shares play an integral role on our farm. Worker shares are typically members in our community who help out around the farm. Our worker shares are such a vital part of our operation that without them, I don’t think that the farm would make it! Worker shares work in every aspect of the farm. They help us seed, plant, harvest, wash and package all of our vegetables. Depending on worker-shares preference and specialty, they can decide which aspect of the farm they would like to be involved in.  This way, they are able to do something they love, whether that be planting little seedlings, harvesting squash, washing beets, or packaging our orders-our worker shares do everything!

We want to truly thank all of our worker-shares for the amount of hard work and dedication that they give to the farm. They teach us a great lesson-that people are still able to come together and work as a team and grow not only vegetables-but grow a community. A community where we help one another, teach one another, feed one another and grow with one another. It takes a village to raise a son, and in the same wisdom, it takes a community to raise a farm, especially an organic farm  Even with the farm having over six full-time employees, there would be absolutely no way that the farm could succeed and continue without the help of our worker-shares. There is just so much work to be done, and things that may take a conventional farm a few hours could take us days to accomplish, simply because we have to take the time to cultivate our plants with our own hands and feet-not with machines and airplanes and nasty chemicals. And not only do they lend their hands and feet, they also bring us positive spirit, home-made goodies, fresh ideas, and friendship. This is why we are so very grateful for all of our worker-shares who dedicate themselves every week to coming out to our farm and making a difference.

We are lucky because we get some the greatest folks coming out to our farm. There’s one person who would come out before day break – and while the sun was still coming out –  she was hauling watermelons from the barn to the packing shed. She was a vital part of this operation in which she helped set up, process, pack, box, sticker, load, organize all our CSA orders as well as clean up the mess at the end. And all the while, she was able to make us laugh and be merry.  And for that, we are eternally grateful.

We have lots of stories about our worker shares and we’ll be sure to share a few over the course of the season. Stay tuned!