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January 29, 2015

As the most popular, lovable, and cuddly member of our farm crew, I thought you might like some insight into her days on the farm.


A day in the life of Martha…


4:30am Start cuddling with the humans, purr loudly, knead the blankets on top of their bladders so they have to get up and feed me.


5:30am Ate a little breakfast, time to head out and patrol the grounds for mice and critters.


6:45am The crew has arrived and is busy working so I can walk on all of their cars, climb in, and sniff around. Camelia’s car is a dark color, so I like to nap and have a bath on top of hers the most.


8am Climbing time! I like to look for hay wagons, trucks, the bobcat, and anything else to climb on. It’s the most fun when it’s sunny out.


10:30am I’m hungry again and feeling frisky, so I catch a mouse for a snack.


12pm Time for a nap. It’s getting pretty hot out there, so I’m in the tall cool grass beneath the manure spreader to catch some shut-eye.


3pm More grounds patrol. I’m always looking for voles, shrews, chipmunks, mice, and baby rats. I don’t want them to get into the packhouse or the machine shed. I’ve heard the farmers curse them when they get into equipment.


5pm I’m getting hungry, but the humans won’t be back to feed me for a few more hours. I will hunt a snack instead.


10pm Time for a little sleep and then more patrolling. I haven’t checked around the greenhouses yet today and I need to keep critters out of there! Otherwise they burrow in the ground and eat some of the plants that should be going into CSA shares. A farm cat’s work is never done!