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June 1, 2015

Spring has been a very exciting time at the farm. Spring brings hope and renewal that stirs in the hearts of every man, woman, child, bird, worm, spider, bee, chicken, thistle, clover, honeysuckle…. we can go on forever. Spring is truly something special to experience. On the farm, we get to experience it in harmony alongside our plant and animal friends. Today we are excited to see peony flowers and the robins that have made homes all over the farm: on tractors, wheels, solar panels. And we excitingly anticipate the new baby birdies in their turquoise tiny eggs to crack out and enter the world. Mama robin is taking such good care of her nest. Today she hovers close by when we sneak a peak at the newly hatched birdies, which barely have a feather on them.

The dandelions also arrived in a bold and yellow stupor, spreading themselves all across the farm in yellow hues. Now they have magically transformed into seed heads that will be ready to welcome us again next Spring. Christina even saw an ant carrying a Dandelion seed the other day!

We think we are lucky. To be able to experience the birth of Spring with nature’s friends is truly something to appreciate. And there is beauty and harmony so alive in nature one need only a few brief moments to notice it and take it all in. There are all kinds of new beginnings and ends happening near you, even those not close to the farm. If we take more time to mindfully look around ourselves, at our own nature and the nature that surrounds us, we can find all the beauty in the world is right here in this moment, just awaiting our gaze, our focus and our gratitude. So follow those birds to their nest and see if you can spot a few little baby birdies, or maybe get eye-level with the soil and see how much life and activity is happening right below your feet. Or simply look up-at the big, blue, endless sky. It is beautiful and it is enough.

In other news, when we are not happily frolicking around gazing at all the beautiful things on the farm, we have been planting our summer crops! Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, okra, squash, cucumbers all made it into the ground this past weekend. It was a successful planting and we are looking forward to great crops this season. We are so pleased to have had such nice Spring weather to put our plants off to a great start! In farming, you learn quickly to relinquish all control to nature’s ever changing ways, but when she does you a solid, like gives you a great planting week, followed by a week of rain, you end up feeling the way we do right now. So thankful!!

So if you have not signed up for our CSA yet, it is not too late! There are still shares available for the Summer 2015 season, and it will be a good one. Remember, you have the option to customize each share you receive, or opt for our hand-picked surprise vegetable boxes.

Enjoy the rest of your Spring!