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June 18, 2014

Tim and I were walking our fields the other day and I was explaining our weed fighting strategy. It’s rather simple, really. Get the weeds when they are young and small.

For starters, the work is a lot easier. Have you ever tried pulling out a weed that’s over 2 feet tall? It isn’t easy, that’s for sure. If we can dispatch the weeds when they are small, we save ourselves a lot of work. A lot. And not only that, but our crops thrive in a weed free environment. The goal, ultimately, is to take care of our crops when they are young. Raise the crops in a healthy environment, give them the nutrition and water they need, and they’ll turn out just fine.

You can guess where I am going with this. Raise your children in a healthy environment, give them what they need, and they will have a great chance at success.

It’s why our country insists that kids go to school. Because we know that if kids have a basic understanding of reading, writing, and arithmetic, they have a fighting chance in this world.

It’s why we get things like vaccinations and preventative medicine. Get off to a good start and you’ll have a chance in this world.

It’s why we play sports when we’re young. It’s why we bring our kids to church. It’s why we set curfews. I could go on and on.

There are lots of “weeds” out there fighting for your kid’s attention. Sugary foods. Salty snacks. Cookies. Fresh vegetables need to be out there too. We need to teach kids – when they are young – that vegetables are delicious. That vegetables build strong muscles and bones. That vegetables help us concentrate and learn. The time to teach your children lessons about eating are when they are young. Get them off to a good start and they’ll have healthy eating habits for life.

Christina and I and the whole crew hope you have a great week!