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June 24, 2015

Oh, the rain!

It just will not stop. All local farms have been getting swamped with rain this season. It creates a myriad of challenges for growing vegetables. As a city kid, I remember it wasn’t too great there either. Flooded basements, getting soaked on the way to work, and unending traffic come to mind. But I’m not here to complain. As a wise woman once said, “if you cannot change things, change your attitude”. Last Saturday, when I tried to change my attitude, I ran into “difficulties”.  Let’s just say Farmer Rob ain’t as good as he once was.

Anyway, I’m still working on it.

We’re trying to create this farm out here in Sandwich in which we can practice the values that we hold dear. We are trying to be stewards of the land. That’s actually going pretty well. We encourage biodiversity, we protect our soil, we minimize waste products on the farm and we compost pretty much everything.

We’re also trying to practice a life in which we are able and open to love. Most of the crew is pretty good at it. I’m making progress a little slower. V-E-R-Y much slower progress. It’s hard to smile and be positive on the farm. Things, honestly, are tough. Besides bills to pay, I have to fend off the deer (they ate 1600 heads of lettuce last week), keep the weeds at bay on over 10 planted acres, try to slow the plants down until the soil dries out and we can plant again, and get a little sleep here and there too. Old Farmer Rob gets grouchy easily and I struggle to remember to smile and be thankful.

And we have  a lot to be thankful for. Despite all these rains, our season started off strong. We’ve had some great crops and more on the way. While we might lose a few things to weather, we’ll get right back on our feet with other plantings. In truth, most of us are working less than ever and our systems for planting and harvesting are working. The number of families participating in our CSA program has grown (although lots of room for more – spread the word please!). Even spring spinach did okay this year and that never happens. Finally, I cannot say enough about our hardworking crew. These men and women work hard – in all kinds of weather – to get the job done. They are inspiring.

Christina and Rob and the whole crew at Montalbano Farms hopes you enjoy your produce this week!