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March 25, 2015

The crew has already planted over 30,000 seeds this spring. We’ve set up the greenhouse and we’re off to a great start. A few warm days this past week even allowed us to do some outdoor chores.

It’s full steam ahead.

If you have ever considered a CSA program before and decided against it, I hope that you’ll take another look at Montalbano Farms.

We offer Custom shares that you allow to pick your produce from our harvest each and every week. With our Custom shares, CSA members essentially have money on account, and you spend down your account throughout the season. You only purchase what you want (subject to the $ minimum) from what’s being offered, so you can (1) only get things you want, (2) skip weeks when you’re on vacation without feeling you’re losing money, and (3) get bulk quantities for canning, etc.

We offer Standard shares in which each week is a surprise, chosen by your farmers. The Standard shares run for a set number of weeks so you’ll know exactly when your produce is coming.

We offer vacation days so you don’t lose out on your vegetables when you’re gone.

Your CSA offers the ability to change pickup sites so that you can share with someone across town.

And this year, more recipes & more storage tips to help you use and keep the season’s bounty.

More of what you want and use. Less waste. We’re doing what we can to help you turn the healthy choices into the easy choices. And we’re always open to feedback to make our farm serve the community even better.

Did I mention our awesome newsletter?