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May 13, 2015

We’ll start the CSA the week of June 10th.

Wednesday sites, you’ll start on 6/10
Thursday sites, you’ll start on 6/11
Saturday sites, you’ll start on 6/13

You can expect the harvest to be mostly greens in the early weeks. As June takes hold, we’ll move on to the fruiting crops. For a snapshot of the season, take a look at our harvest calendar.

Custom CSA members: please remember that you have to order each week – we will send a reminder and a link in each newsletter. If you do not order, we will not harvest for you that week. You will always get an email confirmation – no email confirmation means your order did not go through.

Standard CSA members: your first box will arrive the week of June 10th.


We are still working on our site list. I’ll let folks know when all is done through the newsletter. I expect to be finished shortly.


We communicate primarily through our weekly newsletter. If there is information that you should know, it will be included in the first section. I’m also working on adding a page to our website with the information. When I do that, I will let you know – you guessed it – in the newsletter.