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October 17, 2014

Think you don’t like turnips? Think again.

Two of my absolute favorite turnips are the purple top and Hakurei. Best grown in Autumn’s cool weather, turnips can be tender and delicious. The purple top turnip is gorgeous, with a creamy white root topped by a crown of purple. It’s your traditional American turnip with a slightly bitter flavor (that bitter flavor gives turniups their amazing nutritional benefits!). The other common turnip you’ll find around Chicago is the Hakurei, or the Japanses salad turnip. This all white, smaller turnip is outsdtanding. Slightly sweet, I love these turnips sliced and put atop salads raw. And please, please, please do not forgot the turnip greens. A staple in Southern cookngs, greens are a mus to receive the wide range of nuritrional benefits in tuirnisp.

When buying turnips, look at the roots and the greens. Look for greens that are crisp, and deep green in color. A few holes in the leaves is a good thing. It means they were very likely grown organically. Just cut around them. Look for firm, solid roots.

If you have purchased turnip greens with roots attached, remove them from the root. Store root and greens in separate plastic bags, removing as much of the air from the bags as possible. Place in refrigerator where the greens should keep fresh for about 4 days. The roots of purple top turnips will keep much longer, at least a couple of weeks, than their hakurei cousin which keeps for about a week.